Weekly Roundup: NoOps, #FreetheDevs and Un-tether from Your Laptop


As usual, we’ve been hard at work here at AppFog HQ adding new functionality to our flagship PaaS product for PHP, PHP Fog. We’re huge fans of Twitter, in case you hadn’t noticed, so we’re thrilled to have added a Jumpstart for Bootstrap today. Thanks to Twitter for open sourcing this amazing tool! Head on over to Github for all the code and documentation you’ll need to know Bootstrap and make it jump on PHP Fog.

We’ve also added a Jumpstart for the Yii Framework, a high performance PHP framework targeted at building fast, secure Web 2.0 applications. We’ve also recently upgraded several of our jumpstarts to the lastest version of the code base, including CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Elefant CMS, Joomla!, Laravel, MediaWiki, PyroCMS, Slim, SugarCRM, WordPress and Zend.

So why is having the latest and greatest available as a Jumpstart in PHP Fog so cool? It’s not just getting all the new features, bug fixes and security updates. It’s having the opportunity to do rapid prototyping using bleeding edge code as the foundation for your big ideas. It’s a chance to use the latest features with maximum utility and to know that going down that rabbit hole isn’t going to cost you very much in the long run. Sometimes the rabbit hole goes someplace wonderful, sometimes it doesn’t. We’ve got your back!

So where has PHP Fog taken you? Our Community Manager, Leslie Hawthorn, is starting a project to collect cool customer stories. Talk to her about what you’ve built – we even have some attractive, low-fat, high fiber t-shirts to give away to the brave travelers of the fog.

*Ops: Where Do You Sit?

You know you’re onto something when one little infographic starts one hell of a Twitter storm.

Or perhaps you followed the debate on LinkedIn: So whether you think we let our marketing team out the door with a design budget and no Stumptown or you’re delighted by the idea of ditching systems administration tasks in favor of code, code and more code, we’re excited to hear what you think.

Where do you weigh in here – AppOps? DevOps? NoOps? Skynet?

From the Stuff You Probably Already Knew Department

AppFog, our language agnostic PaaS, is still in private beta. You can sign up for an invite at http://appfog.com.

And that’s a wrap – see you next week!

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