Two New Add-On Partners: Ways We’re Making Our Customers’ Lives Better

We are really excited to announce that we’ve just added two more partners to our add-ons program, Mailgun and Compose. Our goal is to continue building an ecosystem of amazing products that developers want and need to make the best possible applications. By partnering with our favorite companies to offer these add-ons, we continue to make creating and managing cloud-based apps easier and quicker.

You will now be able to seamlessly use Mailgun’s cloud email service and MongoDB’s database-as-a-service offerings in your applications built on our flagship platform, PHP Fog. These new partnerships allow us to improve our customers’ user experience by further automating cloud deployment so they can focus on the business of writing great applications, free from worry about IT infrastructure.

And here’s a little message from the fine folks at Mailgun and MongoHQ…..

“Mailgun is committed to building email tools for developers in a smart way. We share this commitment to developers with AppFog and are really excited as a result to be joining the AppFog add-on program. Giving developers a low-friction way to integrate email into the cloud apps they are deploying through AppFog is a win for us, for AppFog and most of all for developers. We’re really excited to see the apps that our customers build on AppFog!” – Taylor Wakefield, co-founder of Mailgun

“MongoHQ was founded on the idea that data management should be easy–so developers can get down to the business of coding rather than spending time on complex database operations. We believe that simplicity and robust scalability can co-exist. Like MongoHQ, AppFog shares this belief, which is why we are so excited to begin this partnership. AppFog and MongoHQ customers will benefit greatly as our integration makes setting up and managing a scalable cloud hosted application that much easier.” – Eric Redmond, director of development and technology evangelist at MongoHQ

A Bit More About the Add-on Program

The AppFog Add-On program, introduced in December, allows users of PHP Fog to manage accounts with third party services from a single interface. This intuitive interface displays partners’ services options, allowing the customer to easily integrate additional functionality into the applications they build on the PHP Fog and soon the AppFog platform as well. AppFog will continue to expand its partner ecosystem adding new tools and solutions to the program throughout the year.

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