Logging-as-a-Service with logentries

Update since original post, Logentries fully integrated as an Add-On

As part of our never-ending quest to make developers’ lives easier, we’re excited to share our newly available logging-as-a-service for PHP Fog with you.

Logging is a critical part of any app development, management, and iteration process. For cloud-based apps––especially those that rely upon multiple services––logging is absolutely critical.

With PHP Fog’s new logging-as-a-service options, you can use an account from logentries (to start) to collect, analyze, and manage your application logging for you PHP Fog apps.

To use these logging-as-a-service providers, you will need to:

1. Sign up and provision your account directly with your provider, in this case logentries (or use your existing logentries account if you have one) and copy your token information from log entries.

2. Click the Logs tab for your application in the PHPFog App Console:

3. Hit Setup under Logentries:

4. Enter your token (copied earlier from logentries) and hit Save and Activate.

To help you get started, read the docs on our site and / or the logentries site. Remember kids, always RTFM….

Link for “on our site” is https://support.appfog.com/hc/en-us/articles/203350507-Logentries.
Link for “on the logentries site” is https://logentries.com/doc/appfog/.

As you can imagine, we are REALLY excited about logging and about the partnership with logentries. And the folks at logentries are also really into it!

At Logentries we’re really excited about providing log management and system intelligence for AppFog users. Logentries is an easy to use log management solution that provides built in intelligence for your AppFog apps. Its a great fit with the AppFog platform a must for the NoOps community,” said Trevor Parsons, CEO of logentries. “We also provide a free account for low volume users, so be sure to check it out!

We will be rolling out full integration of logentries (and other) logging partners as Add-Ons shortly, and this will allow for seamless provisioning. For now, however, if your application is business critical or needs immediate log management, we hope this will help you get going!

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  • http://dockyard.com Brian Cardarella

    How much depth do you get from the log entries? Is this just limited to PHP apps or does this also have support for Ruby?

    • Luc Perkins

      Dear Brian,

      Sorry for the delay!
      The logentries feature essentially gives you access to Apache error logs. Currently, this feature is only available through the company logentries on PHP Fog. However, if you are running a Ruby app on AppFog, you have access to error logs through the AppFog command line tool.Best,Luc

  • http://dockyard.com Brian Cardarella

    How much depth do you get from the log entries? Is this just limited to PHP apps or does this also have support for Ruby?

  • Anonymous

    This would be nice in the standard AppFog now that PhpFog is going to get discontinued.

    • irish

      I too am curious if there will be a change now that PhpFog is sunsetting.

    • Alan


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