Launching First Cloud Foundry Service with Paid Plans

Today is a momentous day for the Cloud Foundry ecosystem. Although we are still in private beta, we have launched the first Cloud Foundry based service that accepts credit cards.

Our beta program is going great and the idea for paid plans in the private beta is to allow deeper usage through the service: more RAM, more applications, more services. In the near future we will be adding unique features to our paid plans as well, including dedicated virtual machines.

How does AppFog’s service currently differ from

Accepts Credit Cards

  • When your needs grow, we can grow with you providing you more resources to power your apps

Runs on AWS

  • This lets you tie into other services running on AWS like RDS, Stackmob, MongoHQ, Xeround and more
  • If you want to run parts of your apps in EC2 servers, you can take advantage of internal networking IO

Runs PHP applications

  • Over 1/3 of all web apps are powered by PHP, and our background in running tens of thousands of PHP apps at make us the best place to host your Cloud Foundry PHP applications

Provides Varnish HTTP caching

  • Take advantage of our built-in HTTP caching mechanisms which can turbocharge your app no matter what language you develop with
  • Caches static assets to reduce roundtrip to application servers

Best web console

  • AppFog has a lot of experience building great user experience around platform as a service
  • We built the first web console for Cloud Foundry, and it is not just a read-only interface
  • You can deploy apps, scale them, delete them, add and manage services, and more…

What is AppFog working on?

We are constantly working on improving our service, we are adding languages, frameworks, and services regularly.
We are also dedicated to creating a portable platform that spans many cloud infrastructure providers. From this cross-infrastructure work, we are able to provide services unlike any you have seen from PaaS before. Sign up at to get notified about theses.


What is AppFog going to contribute back to Cloud Foundry?

A lot! We are constantly improving our PHP support (pull requests 105, 106, 118), we are improving core pieces of Cloud Foundry (pull request 20), and we are packaging up our contributions for multi-tenant PHP support and dedicated VM support.


How do I get started?

Sign up for our private beta waiting list, we will work hard to bring you in quickly!



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  • Esen Sagynov

    Would be great if you showed dates on your blog posts, or it’s so confusing whether this post is outdated or not.

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