AppFog Named #1 Cloud Startup to Watch in 2012

Every start-up dreams of getting validation from peers, pundits and influencers; of being named to a “What’s Hot” or “Top 10” list; of being acknowledged as innovative and special.

So you can imagine how excited we were to be named one of GigaOM’s “10 Cloud Startups to Watch in 2012“, and one of CRN’s “10 Coolest Startups of 2011“, and one of ServiceANGLE’s “5 Underdog Startups to Watch in 2012”.

The biggest thrill, however, came when we saw who we were on these lists with. Being included with companies like Cloudability (another Portland company), Parse, Cloudant and Bromium is a huge honor. Every single company on all of these lists is the kind of company we all look at and say, “Damn! Those guys are killing it!”

Making a single one of these lists much less all of them is a testament to the hard work of this incredible team, and to the passion and commitment of our amazing customers and partners. We only wish that somehow we could share this honor with everyone in this ecosystem we’re building.

Now, however, we need to go out and live up to the belief that GigaOM, CRN, and ServiceANGLE have in us. We need to continue earning these rewards and the trust that all our customers have put in us. And we will. Here’s to everyone’s continued success in 2012!

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