AppFog Joins CenturyLink

Today is an exciting day for AppFog and our community. We just announced that CenturyLink has entered the PaaS market by acquiring AppFog. Go to for more information.

Over the last 3 years, we have grown from being a small startup to being a leader in the PaaS market deploying over 150,000 applications for more than 100,000 developers.

• We were the first and are still the only PaaS to let developers choose the infrastructure they want to run on
• We have evolved from only PHP support, to serving broad base of polyglot developers including Java, Node, Python, Ruby and more
• We have delivered production-grade private PaaS offerings to some of the largest enterprises in the world

It has been an incredible journey and its time now to kick it into an even higher gear!

This acquisition is recognition of the real value AppFog brings to developers around the world – from hackers and painters, to startups, agencies and enterprises. This is a true testament to our loyal community of users who have helped us build such a great product.

CenturyLink is committed to taking our PaaS offering to the next level through significant investments. AppFog is going to evolve rapidly, both for the public and private cloud. For our public cloud developers, this means more infrastructure options, increased levels of support, and accelerated launches of new features that our community has been asking for. We will soon be adding high-speed Savvis infrastructures options for deploying apps, including paid-only infrastructures with better reliability and performance. And for our private cloud developers within enterprises, we will soon be delivering AppFog-in-a-Box, a self-service private PaaS offering baked into Savvis’s cloud offering, a Gartner #1 Leader.

We have found a great partner in CenturyLink. CenturyLink is the 3rd largest telco in the United States, providing fiber networks to business around the world. Savvis, CenturyLink’s IaaS, is a great complement to AppFog so that as you scale your applications past the boundaries of AppFog, you can start adding high-speed IaaS resources quickly and easily.

I want to personally thank the AppFog community of loyal users for their faith, trust, and enthusiasm. This acquisition marks only the beginning of this journey, and we have some very exciting developments underway.

I also want to thank the AppFog team for their ingenuity, tenacity, brilliance, and loyalty. It remains an honor to work with all of you.

Last but certainly not least, I want to thank Cloud Foundry, the best open-source PaaS library ever built. Without Cloud Foundry, AppFog would not have been possible.

Lucas Carlson
Founder & CEO
AppFog, a CenturyLink company

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  • neobie

    Thank you AppFog :)

  • Gavin Engel

    Looking forward to a new spin on things.

  • Subin Siby

    Will this mean that the custom domains will come back for free users ?

  • Ivan

    Does this mean that we are going to have a persistent file syse=tem >

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