AppFog Announces Azure Support

Update since original post, Azure no longer available on AppFog

AppFog Collaborates with Microsoft to Support .NET Through Azure

We are very excited to announce that AppFog supports .NET, Node.js and PHP through Windows Azure. As the result of this partnership, AppFog customers will be able to deploy their apps to Azure as an Infrastructure provider. At present, our Azure support is in Private Beta – but we will release publicly very soon. To be added to the waiting list for the Private Beta – please go here.

What do you mean AppFog runs on Azure?

AppFog believes in making great technology easy to use. Azure is the best way to deploy .NET and any other technology to work with Azure services like their tables, blobs, queues and service bus. If you are a Node.js or PHP developer, this means you can use Microsoft’s Node.js SDK or PHP SDK with Node.js and PHP apps built on AppFog.

Moreover, you can easily try the Azure backend with AppFog without making any changes to your code. Want to see how Azure measures up with enterprise grade reliability? Simply clone your app to Azure.

How did we do it?

We built a virtual Cloud Foundry API which translates the REST API into Azure’s brand new REST API. We also built technology to sync accounts across our Cloud Foundry and Azure systems. Then we built technology to snapshot and clone applications with their services across entire infrastructures.

We’ve been working closely with Microsoft on this — and we are incredibly excited by Azure. We feel that it is going to be a highly disruptive force in the cloud space. And we’re happy to be able to say that Microsoft is excited about working with us as well! We think that together we can give developers something new, exciting and liberating.

I thought you guys just ran Cloud Foundry?

We provide the best technologies available to our developers. We run Cloud Foundry and Azure for you. We make your life easier: you give us code, we make it run no matter the infrastructure or platform underneath.

You don’t have to learn any new APIs, you don’t have to figure out the inner workings of any platform, we did that already, and all you have to do is code. Our command line interface is the same, our web console is the same. Now you just get more options.

What about your Add-on Marketplace?

The add-ons are coming with us. Many add-ons will work with the Azure backend right out the box. Others will take some time before they are ready. But you can expect the same great support, reliability and speed as you have always experienced with AppFog.

To understand our excitement it’s important to understand that we believe deeply in the power of the ecosystem – and that we believe that the bigger the ecosystem the better it is for developers. We’re bringing together our commitment to making the lives of developers easier, our support for Open Source, and our ecosystem of like-minded partners with the massive developer and enterprise ecosystem that Microsoft has earned over the last few decades. This combined ecosystem has the potential to dramatically change the cloud as we know it – and that is, as you can imagine, really exciting to us.

In summary…

If you’re an Open Source or Linux developer and want to leverage the power of Microsoft and the performance and reliability of Windows Azure… you will have that choice.

If you’re a Microsoft developer who has been looking to expand into polyglot cloud development or who wants to get on-board the Open Source express, here is your chance.

And choice wins. Always.

Sign up for our Private Beta now!

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    this is gr8 and surprising as well..!

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    Great to see Azure support

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