AppFog acquires Nodester – Shares Love for Node Devs

We are incredibly excited to announce that AppFog has entered into an agreement to acquire Nodester. We have been big fans of Nodester, Chris Matthieu, Alejandro Morales Gámez, and the entire Nodester team and contributors from day one. We feel that their Open Source, developer-centric approach to solving the needs of the Node developer looking for a Platform-as-a-Service is fantastic, very synergistic with what we do and believe that the combination of AppFog and Nodester is going to be a win for our customers.

What does this mean for AppFog?

With the help of Nodester, we are adding WebSocket support and Node 0.8 support within the coming months. These are some of the most requested features on AppFog and we can’t wait to incorporate and play with them!

Welcoming the Node.js Community

Nodester’s community is amazing – and Chris and team have done a great job growing and supporting this community. As believers in and supporters of Node.js and the Node community, we feel that the opportunity to broaden our Node offering and better serve Node developers is exceptionally valuable.

“AppFog was incredibly impressed from day one with the market-leading community that Nodester has built,” said Lucas Carlson, CEO, AppFog. “And now that Node is now tied with PHP for having the most number of applications running – so bringing our operational excellence and poly-infrastructure support to the loyal Nodester users; is a win for everyone.”

Right now Node is tied as the most widely used language on AppFog – so bringing our operational excellence and poly-infrastructure support to the loyal Nodester users is a win for everyone.  We have been believers in and supporters of Node since the early days. Parts of AppFog are, in fact, written in Node. This deal means that AppFog’s Node developers will have an even stronger community and ecosystem to rely upon.

Nodester’s Open Source Commitment

In addition, we feel that Nodester’s commitment to Open Source and their vision for PaaS aligns perfectly with AppFog’s developer-centric philosophies.

“The Nodester community is passionate about the open source public, private, and hybrid cloud PaaS services.  I looked at the various leading PaaS providers out there and it became clear that the only one that matched our vision and mission was AppFog,” said Chris Matthieu, founder of Nodester. “Partnering with the leader will give our Node.JS developers the very best PaaS solution as Node.JS continues to grow and extend into the Enterprise.”

What does this mean for Nodester users?

This deal means that Nodester users will now be able to use the same PaaS for their Ruby and Java apps that they use for their Node apps. It brings the serious support and operational excellence of AppFog to our users, enabling them to run production and enterprise workloads on their developer PaaS. Perhaps most significant of all – it allows Nodester users to deploy apps to a wide range of different IaaS providers – at a fair and highly competitive price.

What does this mean for PaaS in general?

“Nodester’s commitment to building an open source PaaS and their vision for PaaS aligns perfectly with AppFog and Cloud Foundry philosophies,” said Krishnan Subramanian, founder and principal analyst, Rishidot Research. “AppFog is using the Nodester intellectual property to collaborate with VMware in delivering WebSocket support to Cloud Foundry. It is clear that polyglot and infrastructure agnostic PaaS solutions are the future of PaaS. As enterprise acceptance of PaaS continues to ramp up it is likely that we will see a wave of consolidation.”

We believe that polyglot and infrastructure-agnostic PaaS solutions are the way to go. This is unlikely to be the last acquisition of a single-language PaaS by a language agnostic vendor. As enterprise acceptance of PaaS continues to ramp up, it is likely that we will see a wave of consolidation.

This is a huge day for AppFog – for Nodester – and the entire Node community!

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  • enj0y

    it’s a good news,best wish to af.

    • Lucas Carlson

      I appreciate that!

  • Jeremy Morgan

    This is awesome news. I’m really impressed with how fast this company is growing, and the drive behind it. It’s very exciting to see you evolve.

    • Lucas Carlson

      Thanks Jeremy!!

  • Mark Szymik

    Good news! Congratulations!

  • Joe Simpson

    Didn’t know Nodester was a company, but this is awesome!

  • Sri Kadimisetty

    OK, Let me ask what most here are thinking – Will the generous free tier continue to exist?

  • Dev

    Why not get the .Net integration working first? You advertise it on your main page since long, still it is just not there (without any notes anywhere). Or take .Net of your homepage, you annoy and steal time of the .Net Developers this way which sucks

  • megainfo

    Good news!

    thanks appfog

  • Chris Matthieu

    I am very excited about the future of Node.JS with AppFog and Nodester – Hack the planet!

  • Paulo Scardine

    Now you are playing smart – PHP(fog) community was the wrong audience for leverage because: 1) too many cheap hosting offers that work and 2) too uneducated audience. Your main competitor grew from a Rails shop, so focusing on node is smart. The Django community could be a lower hanging fruit, let me know if you want more information about how to became the number one Django PaaS provider.

    • Lucas Carlson

      Feel free to email details to

  • عقاري الشبكة

    this is a grea news and it will be great experience to use apps and impressive progress in the worth of node.

  • Maurycy

    How long until we see a real action and websocket support?

  • Manikandan Saravanan

    Have you added websocket support to AppFog? You mentioned you’d do so in a few months. Those few months have come and gone. Please let me know. Lack of websockets may force me to move to another vendor.

  • Tim

    You killed nodester good for you…

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